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SLow speed again

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Registered: ‎28-05-2012

SLow speed again

I was running a BT Voyager 105 router getting 6.5mbps.
Then it went to 3.3 then 2.2 then 1.1 and finally 288kbps.
After reporting the problem I was sent a new router.
I have obtained a new Technicolor router and installed two new micro filters.
The speed has not increased.
BUT I can now use the wifi on the router to Google faster than the PC on my phone?Huh
Any ideas without the usual looking at  phone face plates?
I would be happy enough with 6.5mbps
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Re: SLow speed again

HI barrd1,
Welcome to the forum. I've just ran some tests on your line and you currently have a banded profile of 160-288K so this means that you won't be able to sync above 288k. Can you tell me if you're using any extension cables/sockets? Do you have a test socket you can plug into?
Jojo Smiley