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Reverse DNS issues?

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Reverse DNS issues?

I was connected to ag02 and found that my IP wasn't resolving like all other Plusnet dynamic IP's do. Wonder if this is (part of) the cause of the issue that others have been having with DT?
If you're having DT issues, check if your IP is resolving - If it does, you'll see something like:
[tt]Your IP's Reverse DNS points to:[/tt]
You can also check which AG you're on - If it doesn't identify then you're probably not on ag02.
If yours doesn't resolve, try switching your router off for 30 seconds and back on.
My previous IP was which doesn't resolve but now I'm on ag04 and my IP does resolve.
Coincidence? - Probably, but it's worth noting Smiley
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Re: Reverse DNS issues?

I have located the cause of this and raised it to our networks team to review under problem 72117.
It would appear that we have our DNS server setup correctly, however Ripe are not delegating authoritative DNS to our name servers.
We should be able to get this updated