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Returned to Plusnet last month - disaster re. speed

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Returned to Plusnet last month - disaster re. speed

I apologise for not using technical language but having just used BT Wholesale Performance check, the results were: Download 0.83 mbps Upload 0.02 mbps Ping latency 0.00 I was last with Plusnet 2/3 years ago and they sent 5 engineers (including a so-called Boost engineer) who found that I was half a mile further away from the exchange than my neighbour ( 50 metres away). He fixed that and for the last 2.5 years I have had a steady download speed of 2.30 mbps with an upload of 0.40. I am realistic that I will never get it any faster but did not expect the drop to occur when I came back to Plusnet. I am unable to get an answer about this and customers services think this is the future........ Logically that surely cannot be the case, can it? The minute the switch happened it all went south and has only got worse?? I learnt how to "interrogate" the router but forgotten how to do it - would that help anyone? All suggestions welcome.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Returned to Plusnet last month - disaster re. speed


If you can PM me your username I can run a few tests on your line.

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