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Reduce download to get a better upload

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Reduce download to get a better upload

My download is averaging 17 and my upload is averaging 0.5
I need to have over 1.5 upload speed to qualify for a working from home opportunity.
Is it possible to 'knock a bit off' the download so I can have a better upload speed.
Many thanks
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Re: Reduce download to get a better upload

Hi and welcome to the PN forum.
I think the max upload speed on a standard uncapped line is 1.3Mbps and that is with an ideal line.  The only way of improving this (at the expense of download speed as you suggest) is to use Annexe M and Plusnet don't offer this on residential accounts.,129625.0.html
If you upgrade to a business account, Annexe M is available at £10/month and could provide up to 2.5Mbps upload with an ideal line.  I suspect that your line is not ideal however...