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Re-education needed?

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Re-education needed?

It seems a phone-answering support member needs a little help  Huh
My tax pounds have contributed to the arrival of FTTC in my area, at last, installed by BT Openreach.  Promptly, BT retail are now offering Infinity 1 & 2. Ever hopeful, I contacted my own provider, Plusnet, to enquire about upgrading my line.  I was told I would have to wait a while because, naturally, BT would offer the upgrades to its own customers first.
Is this how it should work, or simply how it does work - because our regulator is ineffective? Please put me in the picture.
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Re: Re-education needed?

Thanks for flagging Estragon,
I'll see if I can track this back to a single point of origin in order to address it.
As we all know, this should be available to us at the same time as BT retail so hopefully the words from Mr Saffron have reset the expectations of this customer.