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Rate capping at ~half of sync speed?

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Rate capping at ~half of sync speed?

Hi, does anyone have any experience with consistently getting half the throughput of your sync speed please? plusnet have changed my noise margin to eliminate error but im still capped at 9-9.5mbit on a sync of ~19-20mbit.  This is a relatively new thing but happens at all times of day persists acrosss router reboots and on different machines connected via patch cable so no wifi

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Re: Rate capping at ~half of sync speed?

Sounds like they've reset your physical lines sync DLM *dynamic line management* but you may still be capped in software.  This is also known as your IP profile and will always be a bit slower but could be wrong by a larger margin which would give you this problem.  I'd ask them to check this.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Rate capping at ~half of sync speed?

Hi there.


From testing your line we can see that your sync rate is 19229kbps and your profile is 20700kbps which is a wee high but that won't be causing any issues. It looks like you've called us a few days ago and we've reset the line?


How are things now?

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team