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Random disconnections - About to leave Plusnet

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Random disconnections - About to leave Plusnet

I moved house at the start of April and have been a Plusnet customer for several years at other addresses with no problems. Ever since moving, I am experiencing multiple ADSL disconnections every day. This takes the form of the Router randomly dropping the ADSL connection. It re-connects immediately, but there's the delay whilst the handshaking/connection is re-established. However, this can happen between 1 and 12 times each day - and is a major problem as I'm a home-based IT worker and require constant connection to customer/office servers. I've had 2 separate BT engineers up to check the line. Each time they've run their tests and concluded that my line is "spot on". Even the connection between my property and the exchange has been checked. My connection speed is between 7600Kbps and 8100Kbps download and 440Kbps upload - so that indicates a pretty speedy connection - when it's up!
I've tried 2 separate Routers (Netgear and Zoom), 3 different ADSL filters and my computer is hard-wired to the Router - no wireless. I only have a single BT socket in the property and I have tested with my landline disconnected. Whatever I try, I STILL get the disconnects. Also tried with the Router plugged directly into the BT Test Socket.
I'm on the verge of leaving Plusnet and going to an ISP that can provide LLU in my area. Logic dictates that the problem is a BT one - but what can I do if they keep insisting the line is perfect? Could it be a Plusnet issue? They say not. I really need this sorting out. So I'm hoping someone on these forums can shed some light on my dilemma and perhaps offer some constructive advice.
Thanks in advance,
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Re: Random disconnections - About to leave Plusnet

I'm on the phone to BT for you, getting an extended engineer visit booked for the timeslots requested on your ticket. I'll give you a call when I have more information.
Edit: Thanks for your time on the telephone, we'll let the faults team review your connection logs and the engineer's notes after the visit.