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Problems with Forticlient VPN

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Problems with Forticlient VPN

I’m hoping someone can help. I work from home and the company I work for has changed the VPN provider to Forticlient. I can connect to the VPN but as soon as I do I lose internet connection. When I use my mobile as a hotspot I can connect to the VPN and I remain connected to the internet. 

I never had any problems with the Cisco VPN client that was used before.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this?



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Re: Problems with Forticlient VPN

VPNs are a recurring problem - there's so many variations and possible problems it is difficult to remotely figure out the issue, which is why Plusnet can't always help. I use several VPNs, but haven't come across Forticlient.

You'll need to find some error log or other diagnostics.

When you say you lose internet connection, do you mean that the VPN drops, or that you can't reach any web sites etc?

Can you access any internet sites using the IP address, e.g. try ping  If so it may just be the DNS that isn't working.

Can you access anything on the other end of the VPN? If you can but can't access e.g. then it may be split tunneling or other routing problem.


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Re: Problems with Forticlient VPN


Hi @emmaeaton 


I replied to your post on the other thread. 


Static IPs have proven to help in the past - and they are the only form of VPN support/assistance we can offer. Would you like us to give this a go? 




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Re: Problems with Forticlient VPN

My issue was resolved. I opened this post before I found an existing one which I then also posted in.
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Re: Problems with Forticlient VPN

Not to worry @emmaeaton.


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.