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Problems with Connection dropping

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Problems with Connection dropping



Just lately we seem to be having problems with our connection. At times its seems to be perfect but then at others we struggle to connect all devices to it.


At any one time we can have 1 TV, 2 Computers, 2 Smart Phones and a tablet using the internet, or trying to, the TV always seems to work and doesn't drop out but when i have the one computer and smartphone connected they seem to struggle. The phone shows that the connection is not stable and the computer whenever i try to go onto a website with any browser it either comes up with cannot cannot to server or DNS error messages. After a few minutes it seems to work fine then goes again.


The tablet will also work intermittently as well. Ive tried factory resetting the router, changing to the master socket unplugging everything and plugging back in. 


If anyone can help i can provide any information that is it needed to try and come up with a solution to the problem.

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Re: Problems with Connection dropping

It's a chronic problem on our connection too, we're continually losing connection to the point where the moment we're out of contract we'll probably high-tail it for a reliable ISP, because Plusnet has been the least reliable of all the options we've ever tried (and we've shopped around a lot since we first went online in 1993).

The worst aspect is the lack of any webform contact, where our connection details could be bundled in with the message and someone could just get onto investigating the constant outages (we've just returned from one in the last few minutes which Is why I'm here - trying to find the webform that I've remembered doesn't exist on this ISP). Worst for us is when these constant bloody outages happen in the middle of some financial transaction. It never ever seems to improve.

Pipex was reliable back in the day (a business ISP at the start) but now so far as reliability goes it would be TalkTalk if they could be less generous with our personal details, or Sky, if they could be more generous with their packages (like making it simple to get a fast basic BB service without price-inflating options.

We will get back to happy days of switch-on-and-go, but I don't think that's likely with Plusnet unless some techie miraculously pulls some rabbit out of a hat. It's the same copper and fibre being used, so how can the experience be so bloody different to other ISPs!?

It's very frustrating to have to run through the automated troubleshooting checklist only to be sent back to the beginning when the problem isn't solved because it isn't the in-house equipment that's at fault. You just keep going around and around this stupid loop until finally you connect to a bit of kit out there that is actually working somewhere close to properly.

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Re: Problems with Connection dropping

Assuming the devices are wifi connected, you should try a free wifi analyser programme such as "inSSIDER";

this'll show you what the channel usage in your locale; if the channel your router uses shows as busy,

swap to a less populated one. If a dual band router, turn off the 2.4ghz band, as that's far more crowded.