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Potential new customer here

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Potential new customer here

I have some questions which don't seem to be answered on the plusnet pages.

With plain broadband -

  • is an email account/s supplied? 
  • if so how many? 
  • How much storage space and are they POP3 enabled?


After the introductory period how much would the following package cost per month (after the Sept price rises)

  • Broadband (adsl)
  • Phone line
  • Evenings & weekends Free
  • Caller ID





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Re: Potential new customer here

September prices here

POP3 doesn't need (P Net) storage space - just on your computer; perhaps you meant IMAP?

You can have as many e mail addresses as you like; anything you like



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Re: Potential new customer here

Thanks for the reply, Gel.

I meant both. Sometimes you can't download email for a week or so - the amount of space available is important.  Of course if Plusnet doesn't offer POP3 then space is critical.

So those prices are not introductory - good to know.


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Re: Potential new customer here


Regarding storage - this answers it

If you’re often going over 1GB for all your mailboxes combined, we might have to ask you to delete or archive some of your emails as lots of people with lots of big mailboxes can slow the service down


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Re: Potential new customer here

Between Oldjim and Gel I think they've given the answers, let us know if there's anything more you want.

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 Chris Parr
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Re: Potential new customer here

Yes, indeed.  Thanks to both.  The email storage bit might have sounded like a daft question, but believe me, some email accounts given out with domains have a limit of 25mb and only imap (!)

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Re: Potential new customer here

If you have more than one device, generally IMAP is the way to go for e-mail in my view.

I have one "legacy" POP3 account which I use for mailing lists but I'm thinking of moving to Googlemail for that and using Google's sorting features rather than those built in to the e-mail client which is why I keep the POP3.

More generally, I've been a PlusNet customer for nearly 10 years and been very happy with the service. I've had a few issues over the years and the quality of the technical support is one thing that keeps me with PlusNet.

The people you contact are in the UK and generally anything tricky seems to get to the right person fairly quickly.



I am the satisfied customer....
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Re: Potential new customer here

Read my post and take your custom elsewhere. Plusnet are awful.