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Postmaster alias

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Postmaster alias

I helped my friend to set up her plusnet broadband using my computer, as it is difficult to register for broadband if you do not already have access to the internet. To start with I used my freeserve email address as her email. Once broadband was working on her computer I changed it to ****@**** but I am still receiving emails addressed to postmaster@***** which somehow get redirected to me at ****@****
I tried to contact Plusnet to ask about this using the online form but it complains that any email address I enter is not valid. I suspect that actually it is because I am not connected via plusnet.
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Re: Postmaster alias

If you have access to your friends account you need to check two things:
1) Check that the email address in Member Centre > Account Details > Edit my Details is set correctly
2) Check the "Manage my Mail" tool
- Is there a "Redirect" setup to forward the Postmaster Alias to your email address?
- Is the Postmaster address showing in the Summary list and if so, where does it say it's forwarding to (this is usually attached to a mailbox and will be delivered there unless there is a Redirect in place telling it to go somewhere else)
If all of this looks correct then it would be best to raise a ticket (or ask your friend to) explaining what is happening. We can then see if we can fix it internally and check the settings in the database if necessary.
Hope that helps!