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Port Forwarding on new fibre router

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Port Forwarding on new fibre router

Re: Port Forwarding on new fibre router.
I have set up my current Plusnet router for port forwarding so I can access my Qnap NAS from work.
I can currently log into my NAS and copy files both ways, should I need to.
When I originally set up port forwarding there was a lot of messing about on my part.
The current router (Thompson TG585 v8) has all sorts of entries in the port forwarding section but when I finally got it working I left it well alone.
I current have ports 443, 8080, 8081, 20, 21 forwarded.
Now I will have to set up the new router (Technicolor TG582n) when my fibre is installed on Thursday (30th May 13)
All I want to do is to access the NAS from work for me only.
The NAS has a static IP.
I have a static IP with Plusnet.

Q1. What do I actually need?
Q2. Do I only need to forward port 443?
Q3. What do I select in the drop down box, I think the default is AIM Talk or does this not apply when configuring things manually?
Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Port Forwarding on new fibre router

Difficult to be sure without more knowledge of your NAS device. But I would start by assigning the pre configured rule "FTP Server" to your NAS device. That should allow you to access the NAS from work but may not allow some of the more advanced features.
My preference would be to have the NAS on a dynamic (DHCP) LAN IP, IMO these routers do have problems doing port forward to a static LAN IP.
ie configure the NAS to automatically obtain it's IP address via DHCP, in the router set the NAS to always use the same IP address.
This may help:
Please let us know how you get on.