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Poor Upload Speed

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Poor Upload Speed


I have noticed how poor my upload speed is at 1.02 Mbps my download is fine at 8.36 Mbps.

How can i get a better upload speed?

I did some research on google and found that you can ask your provider to remove the upload cap set. Can you remove any cap? And to upgrade the firmware on my router. I attempted to do do this but do not seem to be able to do this. Are you able to do this manually from your end? The version i have is Thomson TG585 v7  


Thank you 



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Re: Poor Upload Speed

1 Mbps is actually pretty good upload speed for ordinary ADSL broadband. If the upload were capped, it would be 0.4 Mbps.

If you want or need more upload speed, you'd have to upgrade to "Fibre" broadband.

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Re: Poor Upload Speed

Hi @Moomoo17 Welcome to the community forums.


Unfortunately as ejs has said, 1Mbps upload is roughly what I'd expect from an ADSL connection and as you're receiving over 0.4Mbps upload, it doesn't sound like it's capped at all.


I've checked your line and it does look like fibre is available which would give you an increase in upload, however we wouldn't be able to increase it on the current ADSL connection.

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