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Plusnet Staff can you help please?

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Plusnet Staff can you help please?

I posted this thread,121193.0.html a little while ago as while my PlusNet router was working and claimed to see my NAS drive, the NAS would not map so I couldn't access any of my files.  Tech support couldn't help as it pinged ok so they suggested it was a NAS issue and they couldn't help with that.  I knew it wasn't as it was working with my BT router perfectly.  Anyway I reset my old BT homehub after advice from this forum and all was working perfectly again.  So clearly there is a conflict somewhere between the NAS and the PlusNet router.  Today BT asked for their router back so I'm going to be stuck again.  I can't use the PlusNet router as I then cannot access any of my files on the NAS - which is not acceptable.
Can you help please?
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Re: Plusnet Staff can you help please?

Locked in favour of linked thread