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Plusnet Fibre and BT HH5 update disconnect randomness (Discussion)

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Plusnet Fibre and BT HH5 update disconnect randomness (Discussion)

I have recently bought a HH5 to replace our old HH3 (From our old infinity connection at our old house) as it was lets say starting to struggle with the speeds we now get in our new house with plusnet. (Wifi and the like)

Side note: Since changing to PlusNet (From BT) service has been much cheaper and better however we are in a new house so obviously its not the same line :p (Can get faster here now because of line length though) Cheesy

Anyway back to topic. HH5 arrived so disconnected the OR modem and the HH3 and set up the new HH5.
Was working fine (As expected) Wi-Fi seems much better etc. (Cant compare it with the Technocolor TG582n as I never got or wanted one :p)
Until last night it decided it wanted to call and pull a update down automatically... (How when its not on a BT login I really don't know) But it did. Restarted some time early this morning today... And since then (The update) We are now getting constant disconnects...
(YAY for updates eh)

HH5 Line Stats:
Line speeds look OK to me but I am not a expert on VDSL stats :p (Software version there too for those who want to know what I got updated too)
Those potential line speeds for FTTC though.... (30/104 yes please... if only :p)

I have made this post as a record of fixes I am going to try to see if I can stop this issue and will report my results so anyone with the same issue can also hopefully fix it too Cheesy
(To Try) Fix attempt list:

  • Try a factory reset of the router and reconfigure it to see if that fixes its obsession with restarting a lot.

  • Go back to the old setup but with the HH5 instead of the HH3 (AKA OR modem into the HH5 (bypassing the built in HH5 VDSL modem)

If anyone has any other suggestions on what to try feel free to discuss. (Not set up this post to moan at PlusNet just more of a discussion/help post for those who may have a HH5 and the new update -_-)
just tried fix attempt 1 (The factory reset) going to now see how that does... (give it a few hours-day to see if it disconnects) I just hope the dynamic DSLAM does not hit me at some point :/ (For all the disconnects the HH5 was doing)
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
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Re: Plusnet Fibre and BT HH5 update disconnect randomness (Discussion)

Hi there,
Your line looks like it's performing well and there's not really anything you need to do to it. I'd suggest monitoring it and leaving it connected where you can.
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Re: Plusnet Fibre and BT HH5 update disconnect randomness (Discussion)

Its ok now Cheesy The factory reset of the HH5 after the firmware update "seems" to have fixed it for me for now... (WOOP) Was restarting its self every 2 ish hours before doing that though. Simple fix in the end. Cheesy

Still intrigued that the HH5 still managed to pull a update through even though we are not on BT (Both a good thing and a bad thing I suppose)
Also are there any trials ATM or coming up for FTTC speed increase (I know the 80/20 is the highest ATM on FTTC) Looks like I could in theory get 100/30 (Possible speeds) on that line?
80/20 is great still so no complaining here!, would just be interested if trials ever became a option :p
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Re: Plusnet Fibre and BT HH5 update disconnect randomness (Discussion)

Plusnet had sent me Technocolor TG582n Fibre Router as I had connected it for 3 days now.
Speed via ethernet (router is limit ethernet link speed 100Mbps):

Speed via WiFi was all over the place never getting more than 40Mbps down on the Plusnet Router. (it's was ok for 40/20 product but not suitable for 80/20 - for wifi only)