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Plus net router wifi sucks

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Plus net router wifi sucks

Wow really... Wtf is this router that plus net sends out... It's less than a meter to my mums pc, (Intel compute stick) and all we get from the wifi settings is limited connection or no connection... As for other tests tries my phone, a laptop and a ps3 same issue.. My phone does a better job as a wireless router 3 rooms away.

Router is not blocked, nor is it next to other electrical devices or even on the floor
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Re: Plus net router wifi sucks

There is a few things you can do, especially when you are using equipment that can't take advantage of the higher speeds. Log onto it and:

1. in the advanced section, WiFi, untick the synch with 2.4 on the 5Ghz section, and then add a 5 to the 5 Ghz SSID.

2. Reduce the maximum rate of the 2.4 channels.

Do the same to the 5Ghz if they are slow.


Better still, connect via Ethernet if you are that close!