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Pls just make it all happen - it can't be that hard to get broadband in 2013!

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Pls just make it all happen - it can't be that hard to get broadband in 2013!

I really don't know why it can be so difficult to make it happen.... we ordered broadband 6 weeks ago for our new home in CENTRAL LONDON... Only to find out a week AFTER we moved in that PlusNet hasn't even completed the direct debit form AND completely botched it up and LIED because our phone line is apparently "not working...."
After 4 calls to the "support" centre (seriously, what do you guys do everyday?) - they said they will send out an engineer to get it tested... the date was TWO WEEKS AWAY...
So we waited patiently... even took a day off work... sitting anxiously, waiting, nervous... is PlusNet going to screw up again....?
The engineer was late... nobody knew where he was.... finally some ominous door bell rang and it was all sorted... the line actually WORKS... So the engineer kindly told PlusNet that its all good to go...
Then... another 5 separate calls later to PlusNet - "so can we get broadband yet...?!"... turns out it is a NO... nobody seems to know WHY.... only that they will find out later... so when is later...?What does later mean? Later means another 10 working days away....Why? Nobody knows...
Seriously guys.... it's 7 March 2013... we are meant to be in the digital age here, the 21st century.... It can't be that hard to get broadband in CENTRAL LONDON.... Can someone please just FIX IT AND MAKE IT WORK?!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Pls just make it all happen - it can't be that hard to get broadband in 2013!

Sorry to hear about the issues here and I understand your frustration.
There's obviously a few issues here that I'll need to pick over and I will make sure feedback is given where appropriate for anything we've caused.
At present there's an issue we've identified today that's preventing us from ordering broadband for you. Something called a tags issue, this where our suppliers records show an incorrect or inappropriate status for the line, it's vital that's correct as otherwise (as in your case) it prevents us from ordering broadband (be it ADSL or fibre).
I can see that my colleague that picked this up today added to ticket  66780042 that we've raised this with our suppliers and expect a response from them within 24 hours.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team