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Please help. Fed up with Plusnet/openreach!

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Please help. Fed up with Plusnet/openreach!

Hi all,

Looking for some advice on how I can put a rocket up somebodies [-Censored-] at Openreach or Plusnet.

My broadband has been dropping out frequently for 10 weeks now. I am going round in circles - it's a local copper fault, then it's an external fault, Openreach came out once and replaced the master socket, no change. Back to Openreach who wanted to visit again- a no show from the engineer this time, I was told they didn't need to visit as it was an external fault!! back to Openreach who basically sit on it and I get no updates. I have a chat session with plusnet support daily only to be told that it is with Openreach and they can't be chased. Of course they can. I get told everytime that the faults team will update me - they never have. I'm sick to death of this. I've gone through the ombudsman - they are also dragging their feet, I have heard nothing from them in 3 weeks.

Somebody somewhere must be able to escalate this with openreach but nobody seem willing to.

I don't believe that openreach can just sit on a fault for as long as they want without doing anything about it.

Any suggestions anybody?Huh

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Re: Please help. Fed up with Plusnet/openreach!

If you can afford it transfer to AAISP. They're expensive but have the resources and will to chase Openreach.

You must remeber that although Plusnet refer to Openreach as 'our supplier', both are part of BT plc so you might surmise that Plusnet have to put up with substandard service as they cannot upset the corporate boat by making a fuss. I personally feel sorry for Plusnet's long suffering staff who have to deal with long queues of angry customers.

If you're lucky one of the Plusnet staffers will pick this up and take ownership, it's your best bet!

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Please help. Fed up with Plusnet/openreach!

Hello @mosschops


We are really sorry to hear you are experiencing a fault with your service, and sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. I can see that we have arranged an engineer for Monday to investigate the issue further. Please let us know how you get on.

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 Plusnet Help Team