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Packet Loss when Gaming

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Packet Loss when Gaming

I made a post yesterday here:,118686.0.html about this issue, but I guess more people read this forum so thought I'd ask here too.
The problem is when I play Counter Strike: Global Offensive on any server besides those run by Pinion White Label, the hit registry is terrible. I usually have good ping (under 50) regardless of the server I'm connected to, but my shots only seem to hit on Pinion servers. And as you cannot choose which server you want to play on more often than not I'm thrown into an unplayable server.
I've run ping tests/traceroutes as seen in the other thread and here are two more using different software:

Valve Official Server:

I'm unsure of whether the inability of the pingtest to connect to the Valve server in the final hop is due to a preventative measure on their part, after reading the following from a World of Warcraft rep:
'Since our game servers are protected from unsolicited traffic and attacks, all the hops after you have reached our server may give you an error message such as 'Request Timed Out' or 'Destination Host Unreachable'.
However there is a recent trend of DDoS attacks in CS:GO, so I'm not sure whether Valve do this.
I'm curious as to why there's four instances of 100% packet loss on the server I can actually connect and play on, and also why there's a consistent 100% packet loss on both tests at the third hop between plusnet addresses.
I'm thoroughly unversed in these matters and already out of my depth, so I'm totally unsure of whether this is a Valve fault, a plusnet fault, a line fault, or even a router fault, so thought someone here may be able to shed some light.
Also please see this thread:,118147.0.html for any info on our connection, which was recently allowed to breathe after the router was reconfigured (but with no change to these gaming problems)
Any other info needed just ask. Thanks
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Re: Packet Loss when Gaming

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