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Open Exception - Broadband not working - Help Please?

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Open Exception - Broadband not working - Help Please?

We moved home recently.  First was told the switch had completed but phone line did not work.  Engineer came out and fixed line.  Was told everything working but broadband still not operational.  Told that there is an open exception on the line which from what I gather means the line is physically set up but some kind of software configuration has not been set up.  Apparently this needs to be resolved by BT.  Supposed to be resolved within 48 hours. 3 days later and no service still, no updates, no one seems to know anything.  Have to hold for 30 mins to speak to someone who then tells me they'll look into it.  No progress and still none the wiser about when this will get resolved.  Lost track of the many hours I have wasted waiting on the phone and being told conflicting accounts of what is happening with my service.  Wasted several days waiting for progress reports only to find out the operator I spoke to did not take the action they said they would to contact the various necessary parties.  


Does anyone else have experience with this?  How did the situation get resolved?  It's getting to the point when I am going to request that service and contract is cancelled and get a company who can get things done to take over my services.  I understand that not everything is within Plusnet's control but my patience is wearing thin.  


Can anyone suggest anything I am missing?  Anyone I can contact?  

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Open Exception - Broadband not working - Help Please?

Hi there,


Yes, you're right in thinking an exception is a software issue, it's a problem with our suppliers ordering systems what prevents an order from progressing without manual intervention, it's the latter part that tends to cause the delay.


I've just had a look into this and can see the exception has cleared now, however an issue with an open order on the line from the previous suppliers is preventing progress now, I can see we've spoken to our supplier about this and it should be resolved by the 30th.

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