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Off Peak Usage

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Registered: ‎25-08-2007

Off Peak Usage

Hiya, Hope someone can explain, earlier in the year I change to unlimited usage, as for two months previous I had apparently gone over my allowance. Since then I have checked my usage even though on unlimited.    Why is there usage recorded  off peak even when the router is turn off. Not always large amounts, but most nights, which is recorded as streaming, broadband phone call etc. Would appreciate some advice regarding this matter.
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Re: Off Peak Usage

Hi Wattsy,
I've taken a look at your account and data transfer and can see that some days you do turn the router off when not in use during the night. Can I recommend for stability and speed reasons that you leave the router on at all times. It will allow the exchange to provide you with the best speed while remaining stable. Turning it off each night can cause problems Smiley
When the router is on but not being actively used very small data packets get sent as a "keep alive" for your connection. They are TINY and usually equate to around 0.001Mb of data per hour. If you have any phones or devices that are left on all the time and connected to the router you will also find that they can update automatically - since Apple's iOS 7 this is the case when connected to wifi and on charge during the night - a nice feature in my opinion rather than the previous manual one.
Usage is still recorded for a few reasons. Personally I use it for faults diagnosis so it's essential in my role. As you are on unlimited it doesn't matter how much you use. It's just recorded for your reference purposes and our faults diagnosis purposes Smiley
Nothing to worry about  Cool