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No broadband due to negligence

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Re: No broadband due to negligence

shermans wrote:

But now that model has been abandoned and there is nothing to differentiate BT from Plusnet, it is only a matter of time before BT pulls the plug, unless Plusnet pulls its socks up, that is.

Oh dear! I guess that will be the day I leave then.

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Re: No broadband due to negligence

damn, i was without Internet for over a month or two, no phone either. only thing i had was a big whole in front garden that bt engineers would literally go into head first.


i managed to get bill back thats it

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Re: No broadband due to negligence

OR , should be held more accoutable!! , but at end of the day PN , just sit back and take no action to improve things , its all to easy to say its BT/OR😞
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Re: No broadband due to negligence

An Openreach engineer made a mistake, it was unfortunate but it does happen.

It looks like the delays in getting the OP back up and running had nothing to do with Openreach though, it was more down to Plusnet and their fault process. From the OP's post, it appears that the line went down on Monday, Plusnet did not report the fault to Openreach until Thursday or Friday and the engineer came out on the Saturday.

I am not quite sure why it took 72 hours from raising the fault to Plusnet responding, but I wonder if the line check came back initially no fault found?

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Re: No broadband due to negligence

The situation you describe with your fault and the apparent lack of any attempt to satisfactoriy rectify it, though awful,  is understandable in that BTOR are maintaining an ancient phone system ( up to 80 years old) that was never built to carry the kind of traffic it is now expected to. Still that's no excuse for the way you say you have been treated. On the other hand, all faults I have had been involved with have been dealt with by PN quickly and with the utmost professionalism and in the most caring way. So I cannot understand why they would treat a customer in the way you desrcibed. The only issues I have experienced have been with BTOR who will actually give misleading information to PN and customers if there is not an easy solution to a customers problem. They do this to defer the problem in order to deal with other major engineering issues which they have to deal with as a priority .  BTOR is an underfunded organisation, very overstretched and without enough fully trained staff to deal with all the day to day engineering problems they experience. ag An engineer who has been working on a clients line for several days and reported to PN that he could not proceed with any further attempts to repeair an Earth fault as he wasn't trained for underground work &  there were no trained underground engineers available to assist him . This may well be the case!

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Re: No broadband due to negligence


My parents have this problem same as you below:


Someone (Engineer) had disconnected my parent's line in the cabinet (FTTC) probably mistook their line for that of a new subscriber. Took around 2 weeks for the engineer to reconnection it back online.


My parents was award £23 compensation from PN. But my parents can't be bother to go through small claim court because they are old age pension. It's very frustrated to have no broadband for 2 week. The worse case have to wait for 72 hours for the fault team to resolve it but a further 14 days for them to get re-connected with no fault of my parents as engineer cut off their FTTC line without their knowedge. But, it wasn't PN fault, it was openreach fault.