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No Connection with imminent problems. Advisor Non helpful

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No Connection with imminent problems. Advisor Non helpful

I have had connection problems for months ! Plusnet sent three engineers to fix the issues but the problem never gets fixed and I end up with more problems. I contacted Plusnet again and again about these issues and on the 21/12/17 the advisor I spoke to notified me that the faults team will be in contact with me within 3 days which they didn’t. I then called again on the 27/12/17 and the advisor says it shows on our system that the problem is fixed. So basically the first advisor I spoke to did not do anything about the issue or contact the faults team. I explained to the advisor about the on going issue and how it’s been affecting my self and my family. The kids can not do school work and I can’t use the internet for work. So we all have to pay a load of money for mobile data. So this advisor said I would get a call within the next few hours which I didn’t not receive. I am considering cancelling my broadband as it’s been way over 4 weeeks with this issue. I will ask for the monthly bill to Be reduced as we’ve had connection failure for months and I will contact the financial ombudsmen service.
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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No Connection with imminent problems. Advisor Non helpful

Hi there and Welcome to the Community Forum.


I am very sorry to hear of the issues you have recently experienced. I have added an update on Ticket: 162206429.


Please let me know on here once you have responded and I will pick this up for you.

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): Link fixed.

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 Lauren Barry
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Re: No Connection with imminent problems. Advisor Non helpful

@Mijan wrote:
... I can’t use the internet for work. 

Note if this service is so important for your work, then I trust that this is NOT a residential service - not only is it not allowed under the T&Cs you agreed to, residential services have a 72 hour (typical) repair time from BTOR, whereas business grade services tend to be next working day. [Plusnet Standard Terms]

2.1.3. use the services for personal use in the UK (so don't use the services to run your own business, but a couple of work emails or occasional home working are okay) and in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy;