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No Broadband Connection and phone dead

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No Broadband Connection and phone dead

Broad band went slow yesterday afternoon then went off and phones dead too. Tied all the usual tests. Tried to ring last night on someone elses phone but 45 minute wait time. Tried ton get  through to BT to reprt a line fault and they said contact Plus net. But I cant as I have no phone. We are both pensioners and live in an isolated spot. How do I contact anyone to get things checked. I am using a borrowed wireless connection at the moment from next door. They share the same digital box on the house wall and all their stuff is working- they are with BT. Could a problem with plus net cause my phones to go dead ?
We are in a mess without them.How  ciuld I contact the exchange in Bewdley?
Thanks for any help
John Robinson
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No Broadband Connection and phone dead

Hi johnrobinson,
I'm sorry to hear of the ongoing phone and broadband problems you're experiencing. I have updated Ticket: 82291598 on your account detailing the fault that we've identified on your local network. Hopefully this is resolved for you soon. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.