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Newbe, how to get back on line?

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Newbe, how to get back on line?

I migrated to Plusnet 10 days ago, and the line is still settling down.
I have read Oldjim's Broadband Fault Support Guides, but I am still a loss as to how to correctly get back on line.
At first when the internet dropped (but broadband indicator was still lit) I briefly turned the power off and then the internet would resume after two minutes.
On Sunday the line dropped 5 times, so I re-read the instructions, and found that the advice was to leave the router on 24/7.  On Monday the line dropped late in the evening so I left it to re-set itself. It was still down next morning.  This morning it dropped at 9am, at 11am I lost patience and rebooted.
What is the "best practice" whilst the line settles?
a) leave well alone?
b) briefly turn the power off? or
c) reset the router with a paper clip?
Thanks for any suggestions,
Ato Mike.
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Re: Newbe, how to get back on line?

If the router is not plugged in to the test socket inside the master socket the first step is to do that to eliminate issues with your internal wiring or anything else plugged in to any phone socket.
Also, when you use the phone is there any background noise (dial 17070 option 2 for the quiet line test)?
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