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New router has been dropping connection

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Registered: ‎20-02-2013

New router has been dropping connection

I just bought a TP-Link router (TD-W8961ND).
It's been dropping internet connection a couple of times per day (set it up around wednesday last week). I can connect to it and restart it from the browser admin area and it's fine.
Just wondering if such teething problems are usual with non Plusnet routers? Or if Plusnet need to change anything their end to accommodate different routers?
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Re: New router has been dropping connection

No, no teething problems and nothing to change at Plusnet's end. Have you checked that it has the latest firmware?
If I were you, I'd edit your first post and edit the title to add TD-W8961ND to it, so those intimately familiar with this modem/router may spot your thread. There are some known issues with this model dropping connection and if the latest firmware doesn't help and you don't get any responses that cure the problem, I'd advise contacting TP-Link support.