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New Customer

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Registered: ‎21-10-2009

New Customer

Hi all,
I couldnt find a "General" section, maybe its just my eyes! but this is a rant about Sky BB anyways, so fits.
I have just signed up to PN Unlimited today, after 8 months of possible the worst internet connection I have had for 10 years. I get a line estimate of 1.5mb from PN and BT currently, but sky broadband connect used to connect at around 4mb - not bad I thought, except no games can play without constant dropouts! I had a BT engineer come check out my line and he verified that it was skys traffic management causing the issue, so I opened countless tickets to get my problem resolved, nothing.
I came across a forum ( and these guys reconmended PN greatly, so I am here to try it out. Hopefully the gaming priorities in the traffic management will solve my problem.
Did anyone else get stuck on the Sky Connect broadband and endure the same problems? Did moving over to PlusNet work out to be a great idea?
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Re: New Customer

Sky was pony, Plusnet connection was ok to start with but the ladt few months its been awful.