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My Speed on my account

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Registered: ‎11-10-2007

My Speed on my account

Could i ask whats happened to my line/account.
Recently its improved and speeds are now constant and fast. Its a good thing Wink
It could be faster but this is a massive improvement. Would like to know what happened as ADSL MAX and the profiler was annoying however it speeds to be fixed, finally.
I also noticed P2P speeds have increased, before day or night, no higher than 4kb/s - today at 11am, i topped 190kb/s - quite an improvement.
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Re: My Speed on my account

Hi there,
I can't see anything that's changed recently, so I'm gonna say magic. Wink
It doesn't look like we had chance to complete our tests before the fault was resolved, it could have been an exchange problem, or a gateway problem on our side.