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Moving ISP provider, want to keep PlusNet for emails

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Moving ISP provider, want to keep PlusNet for emails

To cut a long story short, we've had nothing but great service with PN, but are looking to get a faster package that unfortunately PN can't currently provide.
While we can easily sort out the new broadband package, we would really like to keep our current email addresses that are linked with our current PN account.
Any idea how we go about this? We don't mind the cost, but it seems ridiculous to be paying for full broadband when all we need are the email address Smiley Even if its just a forward to another mailbox and we don't use the PN mailservers, it doesn't matter. Many old friends that we have since lost contact with only have our PN emails, so we don't want to burn bridges with them.
Thanks for your help in advance Smiley
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Re: Moving ISP provider, want to keep PlusNet for emails

When you give notice to PlusNet and request your MAC, tell them that you want them to downgrade your account to a FREE Dial-up account after you have migrated out. This will keep your mailboxes live as long as you keep retreiving your mail.
If like me you are a Low usage user but want the High speeds of PRO without paying for 15GB per month then you need to talk to James who may be able to help you. .... but don't tell him that I told you ...  Tongue