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Metronet Option 2 useage

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Registered: ‎30-07-2007

Metronet Option 2 useage

Hi James
can you please pick this one up-I have once queried it with the accounts but to no avail.
Could you check that from May 1st 2008 on Metronet option 2 it was given out in the forums that the included usage is now increased to 15 Gb-the accounts department are using the old figure of 2.097 Gb on my account charges and asking and taking extra charges above the figure of 2.097Gb. If correct can you please have soothing words with the accounts department?
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Re: Metronet Option 2 useage

Hi Peter,
Are you confusing Metronet Option 2 with Broadband Your Way Option 2?
I don't believe that there were any changes to the amount of included usage on Metronet, but we did reduce the cost of extra usage.  I actually think that you might be confusing "included usage" with "usage ceiling", and the changes that we made to the cost of additional usage would have increased the usage ceiling, but the amount that you had included for £13.75 wouldn't have changed.