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Member Centre "Broadband Interleaving" feature

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Member Centre "Broadband Interleaving" feature

In another thread there is a screen shot (copied below) of another customers "Connection Settings" page, which was being shown to illustrate how to find the "Broadband Firewall" - hence the red arrows which have no significance in this thread.

I notice the last icon on that page shows an option for "Broadband Interleaving" feature, which has never appeared on my "Member Centre" control panel.
What settings does the "Broadband Interleaving" component allow the customer to change ?
Is it -
  1)    Interleaving "ON" / "OFF" ?
  2)    Alway Fastpath / Alway Interleaved / Set Fastpath then subsequently auto by DLM ?
  3)    Does it allow interleave depth to be set ?
  4)    Can upload and download interleaving be independently be configured ?
When changing this interleaving setting does it simply put in a request to BT for the configuration to be changed typically at the beginning of the next working day, or does it do something more immediate, or does it simply raise a support ticket that needs the Plusnet team to then manually action ?
If this feature works and is less hassle to use than raising a support ticket requesting "Fastpath" (again !), then I would be interested in having this "Broadband Interleaving" component added to my account - if that is possible ?.
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Re: Member Centre "Broadband Interleaving" feature

I expect it just puts in a request (I doubt it would go directly to BTW) to turn interleaving off.
It probably sets it from auto to always off, and helpfully warns you that it offers no way to turn it back to auto / on.