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Maximising BB speed

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Maximising BB speed

Was previously on Orange with a 2Mb free unlimited BB (with mobile phone rental) but they decided to charge us £15/mth or whatever  Angry  They then did a U-turn I believe but it was too late by then. I wanted to leave them. Never had issues with the BB other than just 2Mb speed. Various estimated BB speeds from other ISPs reckoned I should get 6Mb. Decided to go with Plusnet for the time being.
Back when I was Orange, this was my speed:

I decided to fiddle with the telephone wires  Roll eyes We don't seem to have a "proper" master socket. The telephone line comes from outside and connects to a junction box. This then feeds a signal into the living room. This socket has a yellow capacitor but no test socket. I tried the bell-wire trick and successfully managed to disconnect my broadband! Grin Turns out they used non-standard wiring (for colour coding). After ensuring only wires 2 and 5 were connected to the "master" socket, I got this:

Since I've moved to Plusnet, I get this:

Not the massive boost I've been expecting  Sad . Having a look in the account settings, I spotted this:
Estimated line speed:
6Mb (This may vary between 4Mb and 8Mb) - Checked on 2012-11-11 15:13:24
Current line speed:
21 Mb

Have had a play with the BT speedtester and got:
Download speed: 3.63 Mbps
IP Profile ~ 3.5 Mbps

And router tells me:
SNR margin = 6-7
Loop Attenuation = 39
Down Speed = 3968000

Local exchange is about 1.7 miles away (as the car drives). there anything (other than distance) stopping me from getting 6MB? Is there anything I can do to maximise the broadband speed eg replace internal telephone wiring? What about a better ADSL cable from socket to router? Or am I permanently limited to 3.5 Mb until I get fibre?  Roll eyes
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Re: Maximising BB speed

Your reference to a bell wire trick indicates that either there were three wires from the junction box or there are more sockets in the house.
I also assume that there were only two wires coming into the junction box - if there were 3 or more there is something even more wrong as that wouldn't be the BT termination in that case
Which is it as you should be getting much better speeds than that and something is rather badly adrift
A further question - the wire from the junction box to the living room - can you describe it as it may not be the correct quality cable
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Re: Maximising BB speed

There are three telephone sockets in the property. The junction box feeds the main socket. There's then an extension from this to the front room socket and then an extension from that to the upstairs socket. The router is plugged into the first socket in the chain and there are microfilters on all sockets.
Junction box:
Left side from the telephone wire. Right side feeds to the first socket.
The first/main/master socket:

All sockets have been changed so there are only two wires connected: blue/white and white/blue.