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Low speed on non web based traffic

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Low speed on non web based traffic

I've had plus net for about 6 months now and It's been nothing since trouble since I got it. Anyway that's another story. I have the unlimited 80 Mbits connection which is connecting at nearly max speed. That's great on my web browser and If I download something through the browser I usually get about 7 MB/s or around 56Mb/s. Still less than I would like but perfectly acceptable. However absolutly everything else is throttled to about 2 MB/s. I mean everything, P2P/Skype/iTunes. It's incredibly annoying to have 20% of the speed I'm connected at to be used for the things I want. I know plusnet have a system such that no one application takes up to much of the connection. The speeds I'm getting are downright throttling. I don't really have high hopes of getting this fixed as every time I've been in contact it involves 2 hours on hold and then incompetent replies but I thought I'd ask.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Low speed on non web based traffic

Hi reid1234,
I've just run a few checks and can't see anything obvious that could be causing this to happen.
Mind running some wireshark captures for us whilst using the connection?
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 Adam Walker
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