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Jumping gateways

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Jumping gateways

I normally do a gateway check and speed test when I switch my PC on in the morning,
I have been on PCL AG01 for a few days, then about 19 Hrs ago got dumped on unknown, did a disconnect and got on PCLag02, now on ptn-ag2.  What a difference
Today 09:27   6408 kbps (801kB/s)   350 kbps (43.8kB/s)   PTN AG2
Today 09:26 4952 kbps (619kB/s) 358 kbps (44.8kB/s) PCL AG02
Today 09:25 3263 kbps (408kB/s) 359 kbps (44.9kB/s) Unknown
Today 08:22 3708 kbps (464kB/s) 352 kbps (44kB/s) Unknown
Monday 21:29 4220 kbps (528kB/s) 346 kbps (43.3kB/s) PCLAG01
Monday 21:28 4664 kbps (583kB/s) 307 kbps (38.4kB/s)
Sunday 07:16 6536 kbps (817kB/s) 350 kbps (43.8kB/s)
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Re: Jumping gateways

You've just confirmed something I've been suspecting for a little while, the packet drop by gateway graphs are not giving an accurate picture.
Incidentally, when it shows unknown do a tracert and you will be able to see the gateway in the first hop after your router.
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