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Is this contention?

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Registered: ‎30-08-2007

Is this contention?

Grateful for any help on this one...
During the day my download speeds are in the 3-5mb range (I'm on the "up to 8mb" package) which suits me fine, however in the evening I am dropping to around 512k, sometimes as low as 87k.
This is pretty regular, and I am guessing not due to a fault or hardware issue as the daytime speeds are just fine.
Is this contention (I can see a number of wireless netwoeks in my area), and if this is the case would swapping to one of PN's business products help?
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Re: Is this contention?

Hi James,
First off, I'm afraid that you can't change to a Business Product unless you are a Business.  this is covered in our Acceptable Usage Policy.
Secondly, I've had a look at your line and I cannot see any reason why you should be seeing slowdowns like you're experiencing.  Exchange contention is a possible impact, but that's pretty extreme!
Have you tried running a BT Speedtest when you're seeing these slow speeds and let us know what kind of results you get?
I've had a look at your profiling at both our and BTs end and all appears absolutely fine.