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Internet "dropping"

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Internet "dropping"

Wondering if anybody here can advise.
Firstly, the internet is a bit of a mystery to be, DNS etc. means nowt. But I do basically understand how my Fibre set up works.
Anyway, since I have been on Fibre we have keep having to reset the routers about every couple of weeks or so as the internet service drops.
Sometimes the BT white box has no DSL light and on others all 3 lights are on but the Netgear router displays no internet.
A few days back, the BT white box wouldn't display the DSL light  - so I reset the box and the power light kept flashing with no DSL. After around 2 hours and numerous switching off/ pressing rest buttons I managed to get the BT box to work and has done so constantly for the past few days.
But today I noticed the laptop keeps losing the internet with a "no DSL server??" message. This reset itself a few times but the last time required me to reset the Netgear router.
I was just wondering - is this normal? Does it sound like a problem with my (Plusnet) gear or the BT white modem/ box.
Also, perhaps related, when the speed recently doubled on Fibre, my upload speed shot up but the download speed only increased marginally.
I'm thinking there may be a fault with the BT line/ BT modem, boxy thing  - or is it better to get a new router?
In fact the fault occurred which prompted me to write thie message and
Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Internet "dropping"

Hi centralsimon,
I've had a look at your connection and there's nothing obvious as to why you are losing sync. I can see the drops you have had and there's no pattern to them.
I'd suggest raising a fault at and compete the diagnostic questions and if this issue still persists we'll investigate this further.
If you need any help or have any questions please let me know.