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Internet or router problum

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Internet or router problum

Hi I been haveing problums connecting to the internet this mornning I checked the lotto numbers for my mam and the internet just went dead, I checked my router and all the lights were on green as normal but no internet, so I shutdown my router , router reset all lights came on but no internet.So i shut down the router agian the next time it came on it went to a BT Wholesale page. still not internet so I shut down router agian and wated this time the internet light was on const red, so I got fed up left it then after a while went green checked internet worked fine. so I just did as a test turned of my router agian, and what happened not internet same as above, not it come back on agian. anyone know what going on. I am worred not to turn my router off incase I don ;t connected agian any help will be greatful.
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Re: Internet or router problum

More than likely related to this post:,100800.0.html
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