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Internet in the meantime

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Internet in the meantime


I moved into my new place today and have paid for my fibre broadband account, full years line rental and one month upfront.  This is my second existing plus net broadband account.  

I'm a bit stuck as I have no phone coverage at my new place and my broadband won't be activated until 29th June.  Is there any way of getting something sorted sooner?  Does anyone know if there is a way of getting an engineer to visit the exchange box any sooner?  Considering that I don't need someone to physically come to my property, surely they can do the switch when someone is in the area?  

I may even consider switching to another provider if they can sort me out sooner.  

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Internet in the meantime

Unfortunately not, due to the fact the engineers are assigned by Openreach directly, we request a date 5 working days from the order being placed as this is the minimum notice period we must give to get Fibre on a line.


This date can then be moved back depending on the soonest available engineer, whilst they are not coming to your home, they are still given an "appointment" time-slot in which to do your install in, this is to cover for any issues for the engineer may encounter on the day, as the engineers work for all providers using the BT network, their time is shared between all ISP's.


If you were to go else this would unfortunately start the process again and most likely would lead to a date somewhere in July.