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Internet dropping out

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Internet dropping out

My Internet connection keeps dropping out, sometimes comes back if I disconnect and reconnect but always drops out again. No indication of anu issue on router, constant blue light on, but error message comes up on all devices saying no connection. Have gone through troubleshooting and nothing worked. Any suggestions?
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Re: Internet dropping out

Broadband is not going to work well if the "phone" line is not working properly.

Please perform a quiet line test - dial 17070 select option 2 using a corded phone plugged into the test socket behind the face plate of the master socket. It should be silent. A noisy phone line (or no dial tone) will have a marked adverse impact on the performance of broadband.

If the line is noisy or there is no dial tone, then a PHONE LINE fault needs to be raised with your phone provider. If this is PlusNet, you can report a fault on line using the button below.


How is your line performing?

Please post your router stats; for PN TG582n and 2704n routers use the buttons below, for other routers look at the Kitz link.

Also run a BT Wholesale speed test (ideally using an Ethernet wired PC with the WiFi turned off) then run the further diagnostics and post the results here. DO NOT REBOOT the router!

Also find your CURRENT SPEED (PlusNet line profile) from the PlusNet user portal - you will need to log in.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Internet dropping out

Sorry to hear you're having connection problems

Our tests aren't showing any issues. The connection from your router to the exchange is stable, as pictured below.


Does your connection drop using more than 1 device wired directly into the router using an ethernet cable? Can you also run through the checks here and let us know how you get on?



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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team