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Intermittent disconnects

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Intermittent disconnects

I've raised a ticket about this but some more help wouldn't go amiss, I've been experiencing some service disruption and intermittent disconnects today, which is odd since my line has been stable since we've been on plusnet (amazing!). Anyway, at about 16:00 I got back from work and tried to get on the internet, no joy. Checked the router settings and the error it was spewing out was "Concentrator not available". A router and modem reset didn't seem to help and instead it seemed to resolve it self after about 20 minutes, it was okay for a little while and then I lost connection again.
Throughout the night it would go maybe 1 hour okay and then disconnect for about 2 minutes, timing out as it tried to reconnect. This would sometimes be a bit more frequent and it would consistently disconnect for 5-10 minutes. Very frustrating!
I'm unable to use the fault checker as it gives me this error "We're sorry, but you can't use the Broadband Troubleshooter to report a fault on your service. Please contact our Support Team for help.".
Any help that I can receive while my ticket is ongoing is much appreciated, thank you.
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Re: Intermittent disconnects

Hi yhchan88,
Your line has become very intermittment as you mention;
<img src=""/>
I'll pass the ticket you've raised to our faults team, have you been able to connect to your test socket and try a different microfilter?