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Twice this year  my connection has experienced a roughly 24 hour period of repeated dropouts, sometimes taking 10-15 minutes to re-establish the connection. On both occasions I've run the fault report thing, and in both cases after a day or so it has suddenly settled down to rock-steady again.  Following the most recent occurrence I've had an email from PN support stating that interleaving will be switched on to 'try and fix your current broadband problem'.    Is this really likely to make any difference?  The cynic in me says that this is just an item on a check list, and that there is a genuine intermittent fault somewhere which needs to be fixed.  If the dropouts were more randomly spread out then I could understand that some extra error correction might help.  Just curious, hopefully time will tell anyway.
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Re: Interleaving

I agree with you !.
Interleaving can be helpful in achieving better throughput on a noisy line, as a result of the error correction.
I can't see how interleaving would help if the connection is having significant periods when it drops out.