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Interleaving being turned off - why?

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Interleaving being turned off - why?



I've received an email saying:


We have asked our wholesale broadband suppliers to turn interleaving off at your request.

The stability of your service may suffer as a result of turning interleaving off. If you have problems and want to turn interleaving back on, you will need to use the Broadband Fault Checker.

Interleaving usually takes 24 hours to turn off, but can take up to 5 days to take effect.


I'm fairly certain I didn't ask for it to be turned off, in fact I had no idea what it was until I just looked it up, and as I'm not a gamer I'm very unlikely to have asked for it to be switched off if it's might impact my line stability (only going to cause more grief from 'er indoors)


I am in the process of switching from an old "PlusNet Extra" account to an Unlimited one (should happen tonight). Is it part of that? I've also received emails saying my upload speed is now Unlimited and I'm now running on an 'up to 20Mb' service, which I assume is also to do with the account upgrade.



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Re: Interleaving being turned off - why?


I don't know for certain but it would appear that interleaving may have been turned off as part of the upgrade. I would monitor the connection over the next few days and if you expirence problems with your service ask for interleaving to be turned on.