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Installation story .. is it me ?

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Registered: ‎09-04-2014

Installation story .. is it me ?

12 days from hell. Nothing done even close to correctly. .. and I am a new customer.
Three Openreach visits, each undoing the efforts of the previous .. how hard can four wires be ?
Router not sent out b y PlusNet .. then it revealed the cabling errors, slowly, one at a time.
Minimum waiting time on a call 30 minutes throughout, and that is before any conversation.
Then you wait in for the Openreach guys.
So far < :(300 minutes of mobile phone time.
Now I get 0.3-0.5MB of download .. sales details said up to 76MB .. I guess that is true then.
What is it about this communication service .... it is neither communication nor service ..... an absolute disgrace.
Not one thing has worked, not even second time .. and at all points, the fire ball rests in the lap of the customer ....
Surely someone somewhere can see this opportunity .....
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Installation story .. is it me ?

Hi dorchesterclose,
Welcome to the Forums and I'm sorry to hear you've joined us due to these issues!
When you're testing your speed are you testing this via a wireless connection or a wired connection?
Can you run a speed test using the link below and post your findings please?