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IP profile update

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IP profile update

I have a problem similar to other users here in that I have been on the Trial now for 21 days and get the following results.
BT Test Results.
DSL Connection Downstream - 8236 kpbs    983 kpbs ( UpStream )
IP profile - 6000 kpbs
Actual IP throughput - 5582 kpbs
According to PlusNet site - "Current Line Speed 6500"
An actual Speed test from several of the Test Sites show a fairly steady 5829 kpbs DS and 837 US
Maybe the IP profile will change as have only achieved the 8236 kpbs DS within the last few days, or does the profile need a bit of a nudge?Huh
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Re: IP profile update

As I said in the PM the fact that your Plusnet profile is higher than the BT one indicates a possible stability problem unless the ADSL2 automatic systems are still playing about to get the optimum sync speed