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I thought my sync would go up?

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I thought my sync would go up?

For the last 1 to 2 weeks I have sync'd at 5248 without any problem. I decided that, as it had been stable for so long, I would disconnect for a few hrs and give the system a chance to increase my sync which I believed it would do given the fact that the line had be stable for such a long period.
After a couple of hrs I reconnected and the speed went down.
I believed that if a stable speed had been held for a prolonged period the system would try to increase the sync at the next disconnection I take it I'm wrong in this belief.
How do I get me speed to increase back upto the previous speed, currently 4864.
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Re: I thought my sync would go up?

Try unplugging everything else from the line (and also the christmas lights, just in case) and then resync, if that doesn't pick the sync speed up then something else is affecting it, probably electrical equipment.
Hope that helps,