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Huawei echolife HG520b bridge mode

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Huawei echolife HG520b bridge mode

I am trying to set up my old Huawei  echolife HG520b into bridge mode to connect to my sky box and xbox. I am trying to set it up to my thompson plusnet router but the only manuals I can find are for a slightly different series and the settings seem to be different and I can only do some things it says when I set it to routing mode rather than bridge mode. If nobody has the answer, is there some other way of doing it? DD-WRT doesn't seem to support it as far as I can see. I NEED HELP ON THIS MATTER AS I AM LOATHE TO DOSH OUT THE CASH ON A SKY CONNECTOR!
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Re: Huawei echolife HG520b bridge mode

Is it a wireless bridge you're asking about?
If so, I would forget it. Don't know about the Huawei but the thomson router gives very poor results in wireless bridge (WDS) mode.
A pair of homeplugs would be a better option IMO.