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How long to provision broadband/send router

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How long to provision broadband/send router



I recently ordered Plusnet (phone and) (ADSL) broadband.  I didn't have an active BT line at my property and was informed that Plusnet would not order the broadband until the telephone line was running.  The line was installed/activated yesterday.  Plusnet have confirmed that I have phone service (not that I particularly want it, I want the broadband).  Roughly how long does it take to activate the broadband, after the phone line is activated?  I also ordered a router from Plusnet which I would need and is due to be posted to me. 


Chat isn't working/is full. 


The customer service number is just a IVR which directs me to a recording saying "broadband isn't ready, we will tell you when it is", which isn't a lot of help.  


I'm sure it varies case by case, but I need a ballpark figure - I have to give a month's notice of cancellation to my old (4G mobile) provider, and I don't particularly want to pay for two concurrent broadband connections, or have a gap with no service. 



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Re: How long to provision broadband/send router

Hi @Jack2359,


Welcome to Plusnet and the forums,


If you have ordered ADSL broadband this should activate within 4-7 working days following the activation of your phone line. Having said this please could you PM your username so we can check the order is progressing as it should.



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