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Homehub 4

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Registered: ‎16-12-2013

Homehub 4

Hi you lovely people
Just after some advice really. I borrowed a HH4 today and set it up just fine. However, just a couple of issues. The 2.4 GHz wifi is pretty rubbish. No issues with the 5GHz band.
I've also run into issues with a hard wired connection. It seems a LOT slower. Like 38Mbps down on, whereas it was 75Mbps with the PN router.
Just wondering if you lovely lot had any ideas - other than restarting the hub 3 times already. Cheers
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Re: Homehub 4

I've not seen any wired issues on HH5, but I notice that the 2.4GHz on HH5 is nothing much to write home about (in fact, I too get worse performance than the technicolor router).
The 5GHz is extremely fast but I have noticed it being a little bit "bursty"... bit like a learner driver with poor clutch control...!