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High Ping

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High Ping

Hello, I play csgo on steam and recently i have been getting very high ping from what i used to get. When I first started with my standard plusnet broadband and playing on csgo i would get decent 20 - 60ms connecting to a eu server but now i dont even hit below 100. I join a match and instantly it will go upto 300+. Can anyone tell me why this is. I play on wire/wireless and it is the same problem with both. I get from 6-8 mbps download and 0-1 mbps upload which is good as that is what im supposed to be getting. When im on csgo i have set it so i cant join a server witch is 70ms away but even still i join and get 300+. I have tried restarting my router, unplugging my adsl filter, disconnecting and set up some ports which may be the problem but even still dosent work. I havent changed any of my settings in the .


Edit 1: This isnt just csgo or steams fault as i did a to my closest server and got 120ms ping and 8mbps download and 0-1mbps upload. I tried this with other servers close to me and the ping is high. I tried doing a but even still high pings.


Edit 2: Just did another speedtest now im getting 17ms to my nearest server. Did a speedtest to a server in france getting 26ms. May be fixed but getting into another csgo match to check if its fixed. 


Edit 3: ping is now fine via speedtest but joining a csgo game within a 60ms region of me is still giving me 100+ ping.



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Re: High Ping


Just going through posts with no response, so this may well be fixed... are you still having high ping issues? If so and CSGO server IP example and what gateway are you on?

Thanks MS