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Here we go again....

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Here we go again....

Back in Novemeber I reported a performance problem with my connection to Plusnet, web pages took too long to load while youtube or even online gaming were out of the question which is quite shocking seeing as I'm on a pro package.  After months of what can only be described as useless customer support (the only suggestion was to plug into the test socket for them to test, the response to their testing not finding anything was to plug into the test socket for them to test...) my connection starts work perfectly again and I'm told by Plusnet that their supplier found a fault on the line which they've know fixed but they've no idea why it took so long to resolve or even what the problem was...  On Thursday my performance drops again, the speed checker on the site tells me that my download is 2728kbps, the bt speed test tells me that my download speed is 1566kbps - before November my download would be around the 4500kbps mark...
I was told today that I'll be moved to 21CN within the next five weeks, my question is is it worth staying with Plusnet in the hope that everything works again after this move or should I just leave now? 
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Here we go again....

Hi MrGareth,
Looking at your connection logs it doesn't look like there's an intermittent issue there (those frequently cause drops in speed) though there are one or two drops showing. If speed test results are looking low I'd definitely recommend raising us a fault -
We'll then be able to pick it up and investigate for you.The fault investigation won't interfere with the move to ADSL2+ in any way.